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The System


Somewhere in the annals of antiquity human beings decided it was safer and more convenient if we created a system in which everyone participates. A system with rules, and regulations. A social contract.

The problem with the system is that it can be nuanced and complicated. The system is large and obtuse. It's imperfect, but sometimes it does not care. It may not recognize the individual and their needs and desires. It may not recognize honest mistakes and ignorance of its many laws. Worse still, participants in the system sometimes abuse it for their own selfish desires. 

Lawyers carry with them a certain stigma. But, if anything, lawyers serve as a method to function and petition through the system to obtain the rights you were promised to have as participants in the system and the social contract.

Choosing a lawyer can be tough. Whether you decide to use my services or not, I wish you sharp foresight and wisdom when engaging in any area of the system, our government, and the law.



My law practice includes the following: Criminal, Consumer Protection, Immigration, Wills Trusts and Estates, Family Law, Landlord Tenant Law, and Military Law. I understand how tough it is to find an affordable and competent attorney in this economy. I offer flat rates for all services, and I will find a price to suit your particular legal and economic situation.

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