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Practice Areas

Criminal Law


The criminal justice system can be a very meticulous and confusing one, and it can have life changing consequences. Whether you're fighting a charge for driving with a suspended license or manslaughter, I can help you. Don't let a mistake in judgment or a bad situation lead to a lifetime of irreversible consequence.



Immigration Law

The laws regulating both immigrants and non-immigrants, collectively referred to by many as "immigration law" is in a constant state of change. In the most basic sense, there are non-immigrants, who agree to visit or live in this country temporarily and for a specific purpose and then there are immigrants seeking to gain permanent residence in the United States. Immigration law can be complex and there are many exceptions and hurdles that can cause even a legal permanent resident that has their "green card" here in the US to lose their status. Let me help you with your immigration problems so you won't be blindsided by the law.

Probate Law


When a person dies, their estate goes through a process called "probate." Probate is overseen by a "probate court." In Florida this is a circuit court. If the person that died, the "decedent" leaves a will explaining how their property should be distributed after their death, the probate court will determine what property is subject to probate, the paying of any creditors and taxes, and the distribution of all property eligible to a "beneficiary." If the decedent dies without a will, they are considered intestate. A court will usually appoint a "personal representative" to distribute the decedent's property by will or by statute. 

Whether a decedent dies with a valid wil or intestate, I can help you through the probate process.


Family Law


I can help you in Pro Se Proceedings and Legal Advice for:



-Child Support





Military Law

Military administrative law which includes rebuttals to Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss or "FLIPL" rebuttals, rebuttals to General Officer Memorandum of Reprimands or "GOMOR" Rebuttals, rebuttals to Standby Advisory Board or "STAB" Rebuttals, rebuttals to military evaluations (NCOER/OER), Security Clearance Appeals, Qualitative Mangement Program "QMP" rebuttals and appeals, CID titling appeals, Article 138 and retaliation findings, 15-6 Rebuttals, and many other military administrative matters.

Consumer Protection
Consumer protection includes the enforcement of laws designed to protect the consumer, such as lawsuits regarding Fair Debt Collection Practice Act violations, Telephone Consumer Protection Act violations, Fair Credit Reporting Act violations, and other consumer law cases. 

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